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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Patch says:

Cave Story came out on WiiWare last week.  You can play it on the PC for free, but the Wii version is  worth the purchase, both for the joy of playing the 8-bit homage on a console with a proper controller, and because it is really a solid piece of work, made with love and care, and it’s nice to see people make money off of something so well done.

Important note:  Cave Story is not an easy game.

Responding to one of many curses emanating from the couch whilst I played it, Red wondered aloud why I regularly subject my ageing reflexes to these paeans to the days of “Nintendo Hard.”  (Her actual words were more like “so you died again.  And you’re surprised?  Why are you playing this, again?”)

She acted like she did not understand.  But she has her own games, and over the next few days, as I worked at my computer, I would hear the occasional howl of agonized profanity coming from the living room couch.  And then one evening, she turned to me with glowing eyes and pointed proudly to the final screen from Greed Corp., shimmering on our TV, and I rather think that she understands, after all.

WiiWare Launches!

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Patch says,

So Nintendo just made me very happy and launched the “WiiWare” part of their store, which means that the Wii has original games for download at last. As I happen to be (not entirely coincidentally) on vacation, I went ahead and bought the four games out of the six launch titles that interested me, and settled in for some serious play.

First impressions: