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Dinner Broken

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Patch says:

I wish we had a bugtracker for society.  Lacking one, let me make this an official bug report.

Over the course of the past few centuries, for various reasons, our culture has managed to move the big meal of the day from midday to evening.  This causes many problems, but whinging about bad dreams from eating too late, or obesity from eating and then resting, really misses the main problem:

Dinner is bad for romance.

You go out on a date.  You eat a big meal.  You follow it up with a big desert.  Now you have several problems.

1)  Burps and farts, which are the natural outcome of a delicious, rich meal, have a tendency to break certain delicate romantic moods.

2)  The complex array of lingering tastes and aftertastes from an appropriately constructed meal often makes for kisses that are more … richly flavored than we might want them to be.

3)  Sexual acrobatics are less fun when conducted on a full and sloshing stomach.  I am not at my best, physically, when feeling like a large, overfed sloth.

Following up dinner with a movie is the current solution to the problem.  This keeps me up past my bed time, however, and romance after the movie tends to comprise falling lazily asleep in each other’s arms (not that I’m knocking falling asleep in each other’s arms, but that’s not the only outcome one might be shooting for).

Report filed.  Now get to fixing it, Everyone.

No Pain(killers)

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Red says:

I’ve been sick for a long time, but this week has been particularly bad.  Six months ago, I would have reached for the painkillers and mustered through at full speed.  At the time, it seemed like the only way to get everything done that I had to.

Now, I’m living life at a different pace, and trying to listen better to my body.  Days like today, it’s frustrating, and my body and I don’t seem to share a common language, but at least I can get through without chemical aids.

Big Game

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Red says: With the government kick back shining golden, Patch and I have been crunching numbers, pulling strings and trying to find a way to buy a house.  There are some great deals out there, but there are far more people hunting than there are fantastic buys.  Now that we have moved into October, and no longer have time for a 45 day escrow, Patch and I are just about done with our futile hunt.  So the time has come to reflect, lick wounds, and settle in for winter. (more…)

Too Much Combat

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Patch says,

Premise:  there’s too much violence in video games.

(There’s also too little sex and profanity, but that is a topic for another post.)


Rant: Boring Game Tutorials

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Dear Game Designer Who is Unwittingly About to Push my Gamer Rage Button,

Game manuals are boring to read, this is true. But taking the content of your game manual and scattering it amongst the NPCs in your game world, making it accessible only in agonizingly slow chunks, doled out via tiny speech bubbles, diluted with poor attempts at “witty dialogue” … well, that’s not less boring, that’s more boring. It’s not a solution; it’s the direct inverse of a solution. It’s an anti-solution that threatens to blow up your game in a great big 100% matter-to-energy explosion of Boring.


Disease family

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Red says:

Kaja Foglio recently blogged about her Crohn’s flare-up. It sucks to have a chronic illness, but it’s nice to find out that really cool people have things in common with you/me.

Now when I have to eat jello, I can pretend that it’s a mad science experiment. Ooh, now the green and blue jello won’t look quite as unappetizing. (One must avoid the yummy red flavors, as the doctors might confuse them with blood.)

Just a morning

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Red says:

The evening had been.. boring. It was one of those nights where we each had different ideas of what would be fun, and so we went to bed with barely smothered resentments on his part, and frustration on mine. So I was not surprised to wake up and find Patch still mad.