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Having played the Bayonetta demo …

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Patch says:

I wonder if it is possible to go so over the top with your hypersexual portrayal of female anatomy that you move beyond sexism, objectification, et. al., and into … I’m not sure that I want to apply the term “art”, but the game is so lovingly put together, that it really cannot be dismissed (even more so, in both directions, than Tomb Raider). (more…)

Forget light sabers

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Red says:

I always had a thing for the Millenium Falcon, but I never considered what it would look like with a hard on.  Thanks to Jakks, (note the euphemism, please,) now I do.

It’s a bit wrong, yet oddly arousing.  Best toy since the vibrating Nimbus 2000.

Yay Condoms

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Patch Says,

I think that one of the most damaging things I “learned” in the altogether poor sex ed class I took in Junior high was that condoms degrade the overall sexual experience because they are a) a hassle and b) “drastically” reduce the sensation a man feels during sex.

I believe that the motivation behind that little gem of “teaching” was that my sex ed teacher was trying to discourage us from having sex by teaching us that a) sex was very dangerous and b) having sex using contraceptives was having lousy sex, so we should just wait ’til we were married and wanted rugrats and didn’t have to deal with all that stuff.

The overall effect of this was to bias me against condoms, and it’s taken longer to get over that than it took to get over my fear of sex. Which was, I think, an overall negative …

So, for the record, and in the interest of undoing as much general bad-sex-ed-class damage floating around in the world as I possibly can, let me present the following observations:


Friends and lovers

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Red says:

Someone once told me that friends were worth more than lovers. In context, she was completely wrong because she was trying to talk me into maintaining a friendship that really wasn’t useful without sex attached. Out of context, however, I think she may have been right. Certainly, I would sooner come to the rescue of my friends before helping out some random guy I slept with.

All this is, of course, diametrically oposed to media concepts of romance which include love at first sight, and less than subtle messages that a lover should somehow mean more than any other person in your life just because you are attracted to each other. The easy answer is that a long term romantic relationship should include elements of friendship and sex; that adding sex to a solid friendship is what makes the connection deeper and somehow more important than a regular friendship. But people are more complicated than that, and relationships are more complicated too. Trust me, adding sex to a friendship does not a deeper connection make.