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Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Patch says,

[Update, 2008-06-25: fixed embedded link]

Starts out interesting, then settles into blowing your mind about halfway through:

Forget light sabers

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Red says:

I always had a thing for the Millenium Falcon, but I never considered what it would look like with a hard on.  Thanks to Jakks, (note the euphemism, please,) now I do.

It’s a bit wrong, yet oddly arousing.  Best toy since the vibrating Nimbus 2000.

Ubuntu: Xorf.conf gets a GUI

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Patch says,

Looks like Xorf.conf has a GUI in the next version of Ubuntu Linux. Nice. The most common piece of tweaking I’ve needed to do when installing Ubuntu on a new machine is to the Xorg settings, to get the right screen resolution and refresh rate. It’s lovely to have this in a GUI, where those new to Linux can get at it without a session of “uh-oh, I need to learn how to use the command line!” getting in the way. Makes it about as easy to configure this aspect of Ubuntu as it is to track down display drivers for a fresh Windows install.

I think that installing fonts is one of the only remaining things that you can’t do easily with a GUI in Ubuntu, but the Penguin does ever make progress …

Edit:  Nevermind; looks like the feature isn’t going to make into Gutsy (Ubuntu’s next release).  Ah well.  Perhaps next time around …

Erasing art

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Red says:

I have a camera phone.  I keep it in my pocket, because belt clips and other cases that ride on the outside of my clothing are just plain dangerous.  (Imagine constantly getting caught on doorways, seatbelts, walls, toilet paper dispensers, etc.)

My phone is currently working on a gallery show entitled, “Dark Spaces,” which is a visual exploration of life, as seen from the insides of my many pockets.  From an esoteric standpoint, it is a fascinating collection of images that express the digital soul of the artist.  From a critic’s standpoint, it is a collection of unexposed pixels.

I delete the images on a regular basis.. and always feel a little guilty.