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Garden Of …

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Patch says:

Flash Fiction — approx 590 words

It was the Slow Time, and some millennia after she had laid down to rest, Kristen woke up.

There was a hot cup of coffee waiting for her, and she sipped it gratefully.  It was so very cold, here, and the coffee warmed her bones.

Here was her bed, and here her desk, with the coffee maker, and the computer, whispering to life.  And there was her book collection, the spines of the books straight, the pages crisp, though they smelled of time.

And all around her was the garden.



Friday, April 16th, 2010

Red says:

flash fiction — about 780 words.

The problem with being a super-hero is the number of gadgets that get lost, or broken beyond repair.  Oh sure, it sounds good: save the world, play with the latest tech.  but the truth is, it’s dangerous out there; and when things go wrong, you have to act fast and count up the damages afterwards.



Friday, April 9th, 2010

Patch says:

Flash Fiction — about 800 words

“EVERYONE SHADDUP!” said Grug.  Loudly.

The roar of voices ceased, and all eyes in the crowded cave turned to Grug.

“Finally.” Grug muttered.  In a more reasonable voice, he said.  “Thank you for your input, Mossworth.  Now if you all might find a seat, I would like to begin.”


Hera’s Ride

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Red says:

Flash fiction — about 640 words.

The sun shone down on Hera’s head and arms threatening to thaw the ice she held desperately in her heart.  The horse before her reveled in his own speed, and she could feel him encouraging her to loosen up, to enjoy this beautiful day, and the pleasure of a good hard run.  It would be so easy here, with no one watching, just to give in to the beauty of the day. (more…)