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Patch to Press

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Red says:

I am absolutely delighted that I get this Thursday’s post, because it means I get to out Patch.

After many years of calling himself a programmer in public, and a writer in private, that can all change.  Patch is published!  He got a short story accepted by Absolute XPress for their Thieves and Scoundrels anthology, which is now in print, and available to buy on Amazon.  (Whoop!)

The publisher is throwing a virtual party on April 10th, which is this Saturday.  They will be running live author interviews all day, Patch is scheduled for 2:45.

They are also looking to create a rush on the book in Amazon’s charts, by having as many people as possible look at the book, buy it, or add it to their wishlists this Saturday.  So feel free to drop by and hang out in a chat room with Patch, take a look at the book on Amazon, and generally help us celebrate this awesome news.

Absolute XPress live author interviews for Thieves and Scoundrels anthology!

It was absolutely adorable, the day Absolute XPress sent an e-mail asking Patch for an author’s headshot.  He got this crazed look on his face, and went dashing about the house.

“Where are my goggles?  Which ones should I wear?  This is very important, I have to take it seriously!”

And then of course he hit the hat collection; bowlers, fisherman’s caps, safari helmets, and giant leprechaun top hats flying in every direction.  Why does he have three pairs of mad scientist goggles?

He chose, in the end, a very sedate photograph. But that’s no reason for you to miss out on the fun!