The Story So Far

It started with an ad on craigslist.  “Wanted: Frog,” was the title, and inside was a lovely little bit of writing that has been lost to the ages.  It asked that anyone responding please be sure of their frog-hood, have no delusions of prince potential, know the difference between a LARP and an RPG, and be able to waltz.  It ended with a request for a story.

It is amazing how many men respond to women’s ads.  It is more amazing that the majority respond without bothering to read the ad.

Fortunately, there was one very fine frog who read the ad, and felt a tremor of kinship towards the writer.  No, he didn’t reply.  But he did write his own ad, which has also been lost to the ages.  It mentioned RPGs and CCGs, it mentioned dancing, “from trance to contra.”

He got one reply.

The rest is history.