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ADHD (Movie Version)

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Patch says:

I think that I’ve lost the ability to be moved by hype on current Hollywood timescales. Specific example:

  1. Trailer for Cowboys and Aliens came out x months ago. I said “ooh, that’s stupidly clever; should be fun.”
  2. Saw the trailer a couple more times on Hulu. Was still entertaining.
  3. Occasionally came across references online in subsequent months. Thought that I’d probably see it when it came out.
  4. Now we’re in the billboards on bus stops stage … and the whole thing kind of feels old hat. Cowboys and Aliens. Eh. I don’t really feel any urgency to see it in theaters. Might see it when it hits one of the streaming services …

I don’t think that the economic engines of Hollywood can run on something quieter and more organic like word of mouth, as far as blockbusters are concerned. But the hype engine is just too slow for my attention span nowadays. Wonder if I’m not the only one, and what will replace it …