Jump and Flap

Red says:

This year, a movie was released for my birthday, How to Train Your Dragon*.

One of my friends, from the ever more distant days of High School, and I used to use the term, “flying dragons,” to describe the right kind of job, the right kind of activity, the right kind of relationship.  If it is as fulfilling as flying dragons, as freeing, then you’re in a good place.

I lost track of that ideal for a long time, buckled under and put in my hours to bring home a pay-check and be a grown-up.  I bought into the idea that if I worked long enough and hard enough, some day I’d have the time and the money to do something else.

The thing is, flying dragons is like directing.  There is no right path to getting to direct a movie, and there is no right path to living the life you want.  You get to do it by doing it.  So, I left my stable job and my office without a window.

Going freelance has been terrifying, exiting, and as unstable as jumping off a cliff.  There are days I despair, and days I doubt my sanity, but then I look up at the sky.  Even if I end up crash landing, I’ve gotten one step closer to where I want to be.  To carry the metaphor farther than it deserves: if you jump off a cliff and don’t end up on dragon back, at least you’ll learn things about gravity and air currents that will help when you finally do.


(*For those of you looking for reviews: It’s adorable!  Nice, solid kids movie that is enjoyable for adults as well.  One of the best I’ve seen in a while.)

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