Family and Films

Patch and I had my mother visit for the holidays this year, and it was wonderful.  We spent lots of time introducing her to Patch’s extended family, playing games, and just spending time together.  I sometimes take it for granted that Patch and I each love and get along with each other’s families, we are so very far from the stereotypical animosity towards mother-in-laws.

My brother, on the other hand, isn’t even allowed to go to his fiancee’s family gatherings, and spends many major holidays home alone.  That makes me very sad, though he has accepted it as the status-quo.

All this ties in to the fact that I watched Knocked Up (the ’07 one, not the ’04) and Juno within a week of each other, and was very struck by both of them, for very different reasons.  The first was absolutely awful; it tried to be real by showing that everyone is impossibly flawed, and the only kind of love that can happen is when two people are so desperate that they will love anyone just so they don’t have to be alone.  The second, however, was utterly charming; it was real about flaws, but allowed each character to find love and happiness in the right way for them, not only despite, but because of their flaws.

I am lucky to live a life where Juno resonated so strongly for me, and I feel sad that Knocked Up resonated with anyone.

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