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Teaching to the modern world.

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Red says:

Yes, I have a thing about how games should be moving forward, especially in the skills that they teach. We live in a modern world, where hunting reflexes aren’t necessarily the primary skills we should be learning, yet those are the skills that most video games attempt to teach to, or at least the primitive instincts that video games attempt to tap.

First watch this.

Notice that he’s actually swinging at appropriate moments, and not just flailing wildly? Sure, a kid can learn to play catch, but this kid is learning to play virtual catch. At his age, he’s already learning that there is a correlation between real world actions and the actions of the character on the screen.

Traditional developmental theories say that a child this age should be putting together cause and reaction, (pulling a pillow toward them to get the toy on top of it,) and here is a perfect example of this developmental stage integrated with the technological world that this child will need to survive in. A perfect example of using games as teaching tools in a way that is relevant to our new world.