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Disease family

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Red says:

Kaja Foglio recently blogged about her Crohn’s flare-up. It sucks to have a chronic illness, but it’s nice to find out that really cool people have things in common with you/me.

Now when I have to eat jello, I can pretend that it’s a mad science experiment. Ooh, now the green and blue jello won’t look quite as unappetizing. (One must avoid the yummy red flavors, as the doctors might confuse them with blood.)

Scritch Behind the Ears

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Patch says:

I finally tracked down a copy of Puzzle Quest for my DS while travelling in the hinterlands of Visalia, CA this weekend. True, I could’ve ordered it from Amazon, but that way would not have been nearly as fun as finding the little treasure of a game tucked away on a bottom shelf in a random game store after searching every random game store I passed for the game for some weeks.

Puzzle Quest isn’t perfect. The lack of head-to-head online play is disappointing, and the graphics are not perfectly designed to show up well on the small DS screen. But it’s a Puzzle/RPG hybrid, which is to my gamer self what a nice scritch behind the ears is to my cat.


Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Red says:

Patch informs me that it is not necessary to break up with him in order to keep my single friends company. Besides, we only just hit the halfway point of our current commitment to each other. /e throws confetti. Yay us. Yay non-traditional relationship commitments. Yay partners who talk you through random crying fits. /e runs out of confetti.

Ahem. You may now return to your regularly scheduled procrastination.