Competitive Vs. Co-Op

Patch says:

Red and I played a normal and then a solitaire version of Quiddler together the other night, and it really drove home how well cooperative play works for us, vs. how poorly we tend to do at competitive play.

This isn’t isn’t to say that the standard game of Quiddler was bad. It’s just that, to maintain the easy flavor of the evening, we had to refrain from keeping score from round to round, which took away, perhaps, some of the point of playing the game. When we switched to “cooperative solitaire” mode, we could engage our full intellects and emotions in the game, and it felt much easier and freer and fun.

Red and I are both highly competitive, and while we can play head-to-head and have a fun evening, it works out much better if we’re working side by side. I suspect that we may not be the only gamers who run into this issue with zero sum games; part of the point of this blog is to highlight some of the better co-op games out there, both in electronic and in more traditional formats.

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