The Tao of Spring

Red says:

Most geeks I have met are either super tidy, or mess machines. Patch and I fall in the later catagory. On one hand, this is convenient, as neither of us gets particularly upset with the other when the dishes aren’t done, or the laundry piles start to encroach on the bed. On the other hand, neither of us is apt to enforce a cleaning regime, and the messes can spiral out of control. With Spring upon us, it is time for a massive Spring cleaning.

Let’s hope we get to it by Fall.

Besides cleaning, Spring is a time of new birth, so I find it fitting to be hatchin monsters on my DS with Tao’s Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal. A thinking game this is not, but for random monster smashing, it is serving me well. The town, where one shops and saves the game, is a little large for my tastes, and the size doesn’t seem to have any mechanical reason. While running back and forth over very long bridges may be pretty the first time, by the fourth it gets dull, not to mention the twelfth.  The use of the touch-pad is nothing earth shattering, but at least it is used for all movement as well as spell casting.   And like I said, what is more fitting for Spring than running around collecting colored eggs, and hatching baby monsters?

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