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Erasing art

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Red says:

I have a camera phone.  I keep it in my pocket, because belt clips and other cases that ride on the outside of my clothing are just plain dangerous.  (Imagine constantly getting caught on doorways, seatbelts, walls, toilet paper dispensers, etc.)

My phone is currently working on a gallery show entitled, “Dark Spaces,” which is a visual exploration of life, as seen from the insides of my many pockets.  From an esoteric standpoint, it is a fascinating collection of images that express the digital soul of the artist.  From a critic’s standpoint, it is a collection of unexposed pixels.

I delete the images on a regular basis.. and always feel a little guilty.

The Tao of Spring

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Red says:

Most geeks I have met are either super tidy, or mess machines. Patch and I fall in the later catagory. On one hand, this is convenient, as neither of us gets particularly upset with the other when the dishes aren’t done, or the laundry piles start to encroach on the bed. On the other hand, neither of us is apt to enforce a cleaning regime, and the messes can spiral out of control. With Spring upon us, it is time for a massive Spring cleaning.


Review: FF – Crystal Chronicles

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Platform:  Game Cube linked with GBAs

Players: 1-4

Consensus:  Probably the best cooperative living room multi-player game out there right now.



Monday, March 19th, 2007

Red says:

I wrote this article at the beginning of last June and posted it in a personal blog. With all the buzz going on about immersive worlds, particularly those that utilize player created content, I thought it would be apropos to put a copy of it in here. What buzz, you ask? Well, there’s Sony’s “Home,” and Raph Koster’s “Areae,” to use some of the big names. It seems to me that people are still trying to figure out exactly what our technology driven community is going to look like, and how to steer its virtual representation.


Second Post

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Patch says:

Well, that wasn’t quite the way we originally intended to start this blog. But I think that it’s appropriate for what we’re trying to do.

This is a blog about two geeks who play games and make love and generally try to find out what a relationship means to two people who are too smart, self-aware, and modern for their own good. BitRomantic is going to be a mix of reflection on our passions (games, sex, books, movies, costumes, etc. — we have a rather lot of passions), meditations on what romance means in a world where the patriarchy is crumbling and thoughtful ethics replace rote morality, and, apparently random exposés of me being a petty little asshat, and picking fights with Red over stupid misunderstandings.

There may also be pictures of cats. You have been forewarned.

Just a morning

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

Red says:

The evening had been.. boring. It was one of those nights where we each had different ideas of what would be fun, and so we went to bed with barely smothered resentments on his part, and frustration on mine. So I was not surprised to wake up and find Patch still mad.